Winston Ewert

Senior Fellow, Senior Research Scientist, Software Engineer


The GUC Bug

ID critics Joe Felsenstein and Tom English discuss a simple greedy search algorithm, which they name the GUC (Greedy Uphill Climber) Bug.

Dr. Winston Ewert: Irreducible Complexity Remains Unrefuted

On this episode of ID the Future, Casey Luskin talks with Dr. Winston Ewert about his article that was published recently in the journal BIO-Complexity. Dr. Ewert’s paper criticizes a number of computer programs that purport to show that irreducible complexity could result from random, unguided evolution. He finds that “The prediction of irreducible complexity in computer simulations is that such systems will not generally evolve apart from intelligent aid” and this prediction “has thus far stood the test in computer

Information, Past and Present

ENV asked the Evolutionary Informatics Lab to respond to a critique of the work of William Dembski by geneticist Joe Felsenstein at the University of Washington.