Bruce Chapman

Cofounder and Chairman of the Board of Discovery Institute


How Amtrak has come off the rails

President Trump says that his highest legislative priority in 2018 is an infrastructure bill that includes private investments in “roads, rails and regulatory reform.” The best way to enlist the private sector in the passenger rail element of an infrastructure plan is to open the 15 national long-distance corridors and 27 state-supported routes to private competition with Amtrak.

The Man Who Could Be King

This lecture was recorded as part of Discovery Institute’s Gorton Series Lecture. Former U.S. Congressman John R. Miller discusses his new book The Man Who Could Be King, a historical novel about George Washington’s struggle over whether to heed the call of his officers to become king. Archived August 28, 5:00 pm Event Page at TVW

Remembering Eleanor Roosevelt Video Now Available

The Center for Citizen Leadership is presenting a unique film interview with Patricia Baillargeon, one of the last people to work directly with Eleanor Roosevelt in the varied and fast-paced last decade of Mrs. Roosevelt’s life.

Remembering Eleanor Roosevelt

An Interview with Patricia Baillargeon
Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the most consequential figures in American politics and international relations over the past century. Here, Discovery Institute Chairman Bruce Chapman interviews Mrs. Roosevelt’s former assistant, Patricia Baillargeon. Ms. Baillargeon gives a first-hand account of someone who sees Eleanor Roosevelt from the standpoint of history, but also from that of personal friendship.

George Gilder and the Scientific Foundations of the Gold Standard

Discovery Senior Fellow George Gilder’s recent monograph on gold and the economy, commissioned by the American Principles Project, continues to attract curiosity and praise, especially in light of the debt crises in places like Greece, China—and the USA one day. At Forbes, Ralph Benko praises Gilder’s monograph and traces the gold standard from its inception—crediting both Sir Isaac Newton and Nicolas Copernicus—to modern-day, writing that “Gilder reveals anew the gold standard’s deep scientific foundation.” This week, George Gilder will keynote the Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley, followed by several talks at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, then the Money Show in San Francisco. There will be media following all of them. While at Freedom Fest, Gilder also will be involved Read More ›

Why “Gold in the 21st Century”?

Discovery Sr. Fellow George F. Gilder delivered his monograph, Gold in the 21st Century, today at the Princeton Club in New York City. The book length paper was the product of the American Principles Project and represents a next step in George’s thinking on the issue of money as it changes in our time. His next book, Life After Google (working title), will incorporate his insights on gold into a discourse on fulfilling the Internet’s promise–and resolving its ailments.

Let the Candidates Debate

There supposedly are 36 candidates vying for the Republican nomination for President in 2016. Charlie Cook calls the field “flat.” That means, I think, that no one is clearly ahead. How does the public sort it out? The media will run stories with manufactured exposes, jabber about “gaffes” (like the exaggerated reaction to Jeb Bush’s answer to questions about the Iraq War), Read More ›

Coping with the Political Pain of Early Onset SDD

“April is the cruelest month,” wrote T. S. Eliot, but for Britain’s Liberal Democrats and Labor (er, Labour) the cruelest month will always be May. In particular, Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats and Ed Milliband of Labour will never forget the very night in May when each was stricken with what might be called “Sudden Onset SDD”— Staff Deprivation Read More ›

Tech “Elders” Oppose Obama Internet Grab

Discovery Sr. Fellow George Gilder and other “elders” of the privatized Internet era expressed their alarm over drive by the FCC and Obama Administration to put Internet innovation under federal regulation in the name of “Net Neutrality”. They want an “open Internet” instead. The Daily Caller said, “Tech elder George Gilder, a futurist author and co-founder of the Discovery Institute, told TheDCNF that businesses have no incentive to interfere with Internet freedom. ‘Their interests are aligned with an open Internet,’ he noted, ‘and the idea that Title II can impose an open internet is just quixotic.'” A sizable media contingent covered the “elders” presser, and noted the significance of leaders such as Bob Metcalf, John Perry Barlow, Mark Cuban and Read More ›

Corker Bill is Still Best Hope Against Bad Iran Deal

The U.S. Senate is expected to vote next week on the Corker/Menendez bill to require a subsequent vote on any Iran deal that the Obama Administration completes by early summer. There is great uncertainty about everything involved, however. To start with, the Iranians and the American Administration are saying contradictory things about what they have “agreed” on. Increasingly, as the Israelis Read More ›

A German Genocide Before the Nazis

Darwinists today hate this kind of story because they don't want the racism that Darwin offered analytically in The Descent of Man to implicate him in the crimes that followed.

Meet Ma and Pa

A geneticist in Georgia contends as a scientific proposition that man descended from pigs as well as chimp-like apes.

Save John Harvard

Perhaps the Freedom From Religion Foundation should demand that the old man's seated statue be removed from Harvard Yard and the name of the college changed to Pinker.

The ‘Exaflood’ Takes Hold

This article in the Hollywood Reporter credits Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Bret Swanson for coining the term ‘Exaflood’ which describes the immense (and growing) volume of data streaming over the Internet.

Online Education Revolution is Finally Here (More or Less)

School’s Out, by Lewis J. Perelman, an early Senior Fellow of Discovery Institute, makes the case that education as we know it will end by….well, by about now, the early 21st century. Obviously, it didn’t happen. The book was published in 1992 and is another example of the comment of Disraeli that it is important not only to be right, but to be right at the right time. Perleman’s book probably faded from prophetic influence because its predictions were too sweeping and too advanced. The education establishment was and is too entrenched to yield easily and the public’s habits of genuflecting to prestigious degrees are too ingrained. VIsionaries often have a difficulty with timing. George Gilder’s 1985 prediction (in Life Read More ›

“Kosher” Wine with a Technology Bouquet

If you would like to help Israel’s remarkable entrepreneurial breeding ground at Jerusalem College of Technology and also have the most delicious possible tour of the holy land, I commend to you the unique wine tasting tour that tech venture capitalist Jon Medved and friends have organized for this fall. Remember when “Kosher wine” had almost nothing going for it but its religious approval–and then only if you were Jewish? (I won’t mention any labels.) Those days are over. In Israel recently I was treated to some of the most excellent vintages I’ve ever enjoyed. Some has been grown on the famous slopes of the Golan Heights. Several vintages from Yarden vintners already have an international following. George Gilder recently Read More ›