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The political ground may be starting to shift in America’s bluest cities. While San Francisco, Seattle, and Denver remain reliable Democratic strongholds, a divide is opening between the cities’ activist political elite and a liberal, but more pragmatic, majority of voters. Read More ›

Staff Directory

Name Ext. Title / Position Contact Info Dawn Apuan Research and Marketing Coordinator, Development Operations (206) 826-5536, [email protected] Jonathan Apuan Data and Systems Coordinator, Development Operations (206) 826-5546, [email protected] Pam Bailey Dallas Operations Manager, Discovery Institute Dallas (469) 420-5444 [email protected] Steven J. Buri 1250 President Sarah Chaffee 1200 Program Officer for Education and Public Policy [email protected] Bruce Chapman 1010 Chairman of Read More ›

2nd Annual European Conference on Intelligent Design

Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture is co-sponsoring the 2nd Annual European Conference on Intelligent Design with TDI Brasil, Discovery Mackenzie, and Fundation Dignidad Y Liberdad. In its first year, this event was initially planned in Faro, Portugal. After pushback from local activists, it was moved to Porto, Portugal and — after further pushback — to its ultimate location Read More ›

Fake Dictionary, definition of the word Addiction.

Madness and Society

At six o’clock each morning, the alcoholics, addicts, and mentally ill residents of San Donato Val di Comino, Italy, emerge from their homes and congregate—sometimes together, but mostly alone—in the cafés around the town’s main square. Some of the hardened alcoholics order an espresso with a shot of liquor, then climb into work trucks and head out to farms and construction sites. The mentally ill—who suffer predominantly from depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia—order cups of coffee or sit at the patio tables emptyhanded, an indication that they have run out of cash for the month. Read More ›

Mathematical Challenges to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

How much would you pay to listen in on a conversation among computer scientist David Gelernter, philosopher of science Stephen Meyer, and mathematician David Berlinski, hosted by Peter Robinson from Stanford’s Hoover Institution? As it happens, and I didn’t see this coming, the four were together in Florence and they took the opportunity to have a fascinating exchange about the Read More ›

A city made of circuits and lit from within
Circuit city yellow and green


The COSM Conference is a premier national summit on the converging future of technology. Held in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, COSM highlights the interplay between global innovations and the pullulating Seattle scene of some of the world’s leading tech companies confronting the fastest moving opportunities. Focusing on the “systems of the world” competing to shape our economy and society, the mission of the conference …

federal reserve facade 1
The facade of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Three Steps to Save America from Collapse

Our monetary system is broken. It’s given us low growth, a shrinking job force, inequality beyond what a healthy economy would produce, inefficiency, and the unnatural growth of finance as a portion of the economy. Our aging Federal Reserve System starves both small businesses and Silicon Valley of the capital needed to grow jobs and wages. Fed policy translates into Read More ›