Rediscovering the Mystery of Ourselves: Part Two With Science Writer James LeFanu


This episode of ID the Future features part two of Casey Luskin’s interview with James LeFanu, author of Why Us?: How Science Rediscovered the Mystery of Ourselves. According to Dr. LeFanu, one of the problems with Darwin’s theory and where it stands today is that it presupposes that the argument is closed, draining interest and fascination from the question of our origins. Continue reading

Part 3: James Le Fanu on Scientific Limitations


On this episode of ID the Future, Dr. James Le Fanu concludes his talk on big science with insight into its increasingly dogmatic tendencies. Science seems to be discovering its boundaries as it becomes laden with more and more indigestible facts. In this third and final segment of the three-part series, Dr. Le Fanu addresses the phenomenon and the paradox of science today as it finds itself limited by materialist assumptions.

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Dr. James Le Fanu is a critically acclaimed science writer and medical practitioner. He is the author of several books, his most recent being Why Us?: How Science Rediscovered the Mystery of Ourselves, published in 2009.