Dr Stephen Meyer Testifies to the Texas State Board of Education about Evolution’s Weaknesses

Dr. Stephen Meyer’s opening remarks to the Texas State Board of Education, where he testified in June 2009 in favor of keeping critical analysis of evolution in the Texas science standards. Listen in as Dr. Meyer explains some of the problems with Darwin’s theory, including the Cambrian Explosion.

Discussion and commentary on publishers failing to comply with Texas science standards


CSC’s Josh Youngkin interviews Casey Luskin about the Texas State Board of Education’s current review of supplemental curriculum materials for use in science classes. Continue reading

Exposing Darwinist Ronald Wetherington’s Bluffs About Human Evolution


This episode of ID the Future explores the many holes in SMU professor Ronald Wetherington’s testimony before the Texas State Board of Education. Listen in as Casey Luskin explains why Wetherington — and anyone else who claims that there are “no gaps” in the fossil record or “no lack of transitional fossils” in human evolution — overstates his case.

For more rebutting Ronald Wetherington’s testimony, click here.

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