Richard Weikart on Michael Ruse’s “Compromise” with Christianity

On this episode of ID the Future, From Darwin to Hitler author and historian Richard Weikart returns to his conversation with Mike Keas about a recent book on Darwinism, Christianity, and war by Michael Ruse. Ruse aims at a surprising conclusion in this book.

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Writer, Producer Fred Foote Sets the Record Straight with Alleged


On this episode of ID The Future, host David Boze interviews filmmaker Fred Foote, writer and producer of the new feature-length drama Alleged, which seeks to tell the real story behind the infamous 1925 Scopes Trial in Dayton, Tennessee that pitched Darwinian evolution against belief in God. Continue reading

Darwin on Trial 20th Anniversary: Darwinian Evolution’s “Wrecking Ball”


On this episode of ID The Future, Host David Boze kicks off the celebration by setting the stage. He first takes us back to 1925, where Darwinian evolution seemingly won the day in the infamous Scopes Trial. Fast forward to 1991. Evolutionary theory is back on trial. Harvard graduate and University of California at Berkeley law professor Phillip Johnson publishes Darwin on Trial. Continue reading