Foresight in Nature: A Hallmark of Design

On this episode of ID the Future, host Sarah Chaffee speaks with physician and author Dr. Geoffrey Simmons about nature’s foresight. Engineers designing a car have to plan for all kinds of conditions the car might encounter for the car to be successful. Something like this also appears to be necessary for organisms — including the human organism, as Dr. Simmons argues in a recent Evolution News article. Continue reading

Dr. Geoffrey Simmons: The Science of Taste & Smell


On this episode of ID the Future, Dr. Geoffrey Simmons discusses the extraordinary design of the human capacity for taste and smell. Dr. Simmons explains how the processes of taste and smell work, and how the human mouth and nose make a compelling case for intelligent design. Continue reading

How We Feel: Geoffrey Simmons on the Sensation of Touch


On this episode of ID the Future, hear from CSC Senior Fellow & physician Geoffrey Simmons as he discusses the design behind the sense of touch. We’re now seeing attempts–such as a DARPA project that seeks to develop a prosthetic hand that can feel–to mimic the natural phenomenon of touch in medical technology. Continue reading