J. P. Moreland on Mental Health and the Reality of the Soul

On this episode of ID the Future, philosopher and Biola University Distinguished Philosopher J.P. Moreland talks with Michael Keas about the intelligent design implications of his new book Finding Quiet: My Story of Overcoming Anxiety and the Practices that Brought Peace.

As Moreland explains, Darwin in essence said, in the beginning were the particles. But the evidence of design in nature and of a cosmic beginning from nothing, taken together, suggests instead, in the beginning was the Logos, was mind or organizing thought. And what we see in mental health treatments — or even in science itself, as Moreland has also written — only makes sense if we can trace reality back to an intelligent, purposeful cause. At the same time, Keas and Moreland stress, this is a call not to ignore the material but to rightly regard both the material and immaterial dimensions of the human person when pursuing mental health.

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