Stephen Meyer Expounds On Recent Debate With Alex Berezow on The Michael Medved Show

In this episode of ID The Future, Andrew McDiarmid catches up with Dr. Stephen Meyer to clarify two important points raised during his recent discussion with Alex Berezow of Real Clear Science on the Michael Medved Show. Berezow uses developmental hox genes and the research of Richard Lenski as examples of the creative power of the mutation/selection Darwinian mechanism. Here, Meyer points out that although hox genes can produce changes in an organism during development, the changes are usually deleterious and are expressed after body plan formation has already been established. Meyer also clarifies the results of Richard Lenski’s E. coli long-term evolution experiment, showing that even the modest change in function reported by the experiment does not diminish the problem of the origin of information as detailed in Dr. Meyer’s book Darwin’s Doubt.

Miss the debate? You can listen to the whole thing on Dr. Meyer’s Youtube Channel.

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