Caesar's Wife and the Politics of Destruction
The Wall Street Journal

A Gruesome Plan
Weekly Standard

Constitution Day is Our Most Important Forgotten Holiday
Richmond Times-Dispatch

Constitution Day, The Most Instructive Holiday of 2018
Colorado Springs Gazette

Labor Day Holiday is in Need of an Update
Las Vegas Review Journal

Labor Day Holiday Needs an Update
Sun Sentinel

Sage Against the Machine
A leading Google critic on why he thinks the era of ‘big data’ is done, why he opposes Trump’s talk of regulation, and the promise of blockchain.
The Wall Street Journal

In Defense of Medical Conscience Rights

The Return of Nature Worship
Religion and LIberty

Back to the Future by Connecting with the Past
The American Thinker

What Happens to the Future When it's Severed From the Past
We're Seeing it Right Now.
The American Spectator

The 'Everything Handmade' Trend Will Curb Job Losses
Automation will eliminate some jobs, but consumers will often pay a premium for the human touch.
Wall Street Journal

Times Change, But The Ideas In Declaration Of Independence Endure
Investors Business Daily

Relatively Higher Regulatory Risk If Comcast Acquires 21st Century Fox?
Discovery Institute

Rise of the Robots: A Bad Argument for a Bigger Welfare State
An Old Argument is New Again
National Review

Will Robots Really Create an Employment "Death Spiral"?

Fed Up in Seattle
Citizens of the ultra-progressive city have lost patience with political leaders’ failure to address the homelessness crisis.
City Journal

Failed Government Attempt to Block AT&T/Time Warner Merger Was Bizarre
Discovery Institute

Euthanasia is Almost a Declaration of 'No Confidence' in Medicine
Q and A Interview

Make the Seattle City Council Great Again
This city used to build dams, now it just taxes

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