Infanticide Becomes Justifiable
First Things

A Scourge of Death Doctors
American Spectator

Is Society Now Adopting the Values of ‘Blade Runner’?
CNS News

Is Society Now Adopting the Values of ‘Blade Runner’?
CNS News

Oversight Needed
The Gene Editors Cannot be Trusted to Self-Regulate
Weekly Standard

Euthanasia Zealots Push Starvation as ‘Death with Dignity’
American Spectator

Transhumanism: A Religion for Postmodern Times
Religion and Liberty

Thanksgiving: The First and Essential American Holiday
The American Spectator

Honoring Veterans on Veterans Day
The Washington Times

Canadian Doctors Get Ready for Child Euthanasia
National Review

Our Democracy Depends on Midterm Elections
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Transhumanist Bill of Wrongs
American Spectator

Whether a Con or a Hit Job, Kavanaugh Saga is Telling
Investors Business Daily

The Whirlwind is Already Here
The American Spectator

Caesar's Wife and the Politics of Destruction
The Wall Street Journal

A Gruesome Plan
Weekly Standard

Constitution Day is Our Most Important Forgotten Holiday
Richmond Times-Dispatch

Constitution Day, The Most Instructive Holiday of 2018
Colorado Springs Gazette

Labor Day Holiday is in Need of an Update
Las Vegas Review Journal

Labor Day Holiday Needs an Update
Sun Sentinel

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