The Day that Transformed the World Forever
The American Thinker

A Day that Forever Transformed the World
The Colorado Springs Gazette

The "Medical Conscience" Civil Rights Movement
First Things

America's schools, and much of our nation, have become God-free zones
The Orange County Register

Dear Washington state: Don't follow California's tax model

Behind the Curtain of Assisted Suicide Advocacy
First Things

Key Resources for Parents and School Board Members
Discovery Institute

The time is right for tax fairness and sensible spending priorities in Seattle
The Seattle Times

Twitter: Just Trust Our Algorithm
CNS News

Valentine's Day Wake-Up Call from Parkland
The American Thinker

Your Mind Uploaded Into a Computer Would Not be You
First Things

Obliged to Kill
Weekly Standard

Why the 2018 "Gerber Baby" Choice is so Important
First Things

A Pox on Sox, It's Bad for Stocks
The Wall Street Journal

The War on the Hippocratic Oath
First Things

Democracy's Highest Crime and Misdemeanor
Subverting the Electoral Process: Who Will Dare Prosecute the Ruling Class Responsible
The American Spectator

The Deadly Legacy of Eugenics
First Things

The New York Times Needs to Get Over its White Supremacy Fetish
The Federalist

The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act Of 2017 Is Already Delivering
Investor's Business Daily

The GOP's Tax Reform is Great for Gig-Economy Workers
National Review

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