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classroom of a daycare center without children and teacher
A classroom of a daycare center without children and teacher

Don’t Go to the Head of the Class

If there's one group the education establishment wants to stop, it is parents, many of them Asians, who push their students to excel. Read More ›
US Capitol

It’s Simple. Fake News Snookered Big Media

"Court Filing Started a Furor in Right-Wing Outlets, but Their Narrative Is Off Track," read The New York Times headline for a story about special counsel John Durham's investigation into the FBI's ill-starred Crossfire Hurricane probe into the 2016 election. Read More ›
Depressed black teenager thinking family problem, young age disa
Depressed black teenager thinking family problem, young age disappointment

Affirmative Action is a Symptom of Our Failing K-12 Education System

Once again, the Supreme Court is set to review race-conscious admissions policies, this time those of Harvard University and the University of North Carolina. Though I don’t favor affirmative action policies, I would argue that both proponents and critics of affirmative action overlook a far more important issue: the failure of America’s K-12 education system, which creates the wide educational disparities affirmative action is intended to remedy in the first place. Read More ›
skid row in los angeles, california

Crack Pipes and Free Needles

Every well-intended public policy taken to an extreme leads to misery and dysfunction. A case in point is the Washington Free Beacon story on $30 million grant for “safe smoking” kits. According to the story, a Department of Health and Human Services spokesman said the kits would include pipes for users to smoke crack cocaine.” Read More ›
mount Rushmore natonal memorial at sunset.
mount Rushmore natonal memorial at sunset.

Historical Spotlight: President’s Day

Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Scott Powell joined OAN's Tipping Point to discuss George Washington and the origins of President's Day. Read More ›
New York Times Building

Reading, Writing and Gender Bending

The New York Times is concerned about censorship in American schools. "Book Ban Efforts Spread Across the U.S." reads Sunday's headline. "Parents, activists, school board officials and lawmakers around the country are challenging books at a pace not seen in decades," the story reports. The story generally focuses on parents, but methinks the uptick in outrage has more to do with the books than the parents. Read More ›
Backside of asian boy scout group line up and prepare for boy sc
Backside of asian boy scout group line up and prepare for boy scout camp activities.

1948 Scout Manual Offers 3 Key Lessons On How To Be An American Patriot

A nation is as strong as its individual citizens, concludes the scout manual. “America is as strong as you are!” As we begin this 246th year of our Republic, are you ready to earn your badge? Read More ›
Glenn Youngkin

Youngkin Rips Off the School Mask Mandate

Newly minted Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed nine executive orders and two directives that, among other things, ended a mandate that state employees be vaccinated and a school mask mandate. He embraced the radical idea of allowing parents to decide if their children mask up in the classroom, effective Jan. 24. Read More ›