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C. S. Lewis: The College

Mattson’s on-again, off-again plans to found a college in the United States are on again. He enthusiastically touted this perennial fundraising project to his audience at Oxbridge ’98.

The Coming Lewis Letters

Walter Hooper says that he is now working on Volume I of Collected (and Selected) Letters of C. S. Lewis. It will include letters from 1905 to 1931 and may be published in 1999. Volume II will include letters from about 1932 to 1945 and may be published in the year 2000. Volume III will contain those from 1946 to Read More ›

The Price of Oxbridge

In addition to the cost of a flight to England, the cost for one person to attend both weeks at Oxbridge ’98 was $3150, This covered the $325 registration fee, $1550 tuition fee, and $1275 for room and board. (Room and board included most breakfasts and dinners, but only a couple of lunches.) Thus it was difficult for those of Read More ›

“C. S. Lewis: An Examined Life”

A PBS documentary about the life and works of C. S. Lewis has been in the works for a year, and according to Bruce Edwards filming in Ireland may take place early in 1999. There was filming at Oxbridge ’98. Personnel involved: Narrator-Michael York Director-Michael R. Rhodes Scriptwriter-Edward Gray Producer-Carol Dean Hatcher Head Advisor-Bruce L. Edwards Advisors-Joe Christopher, Diana Glyer, Read More ›

Update on Timothy Stoen, C. S. Lewis Foundation Lawyer

In February 1998 Timothy Stoen of Mendocino, CA, 60, filed his candidacy for the 2nd State Senate District seat. It was in 1994 that Stan Mattson engaged Stoen to represent the C. S. Lewis Foundation and suppress Light in the Shadowlands. Stoen promptly launched a vigorous campaign of threats and falsehoods about the book that he did not abandon until Read More ›

Just for Fun

Who Is This Man? Born in 1898, of completely British, partly Welsh, descent. Acquired the nickname Jack early in life and always used it. Had black hair and brown eyes and a medium complexion. His grandfather was a Protestant minister in a famous city, but he did not inherit his grandfather’s faith. Could never break his teenage addiction to smoking. Read More ›

Weary of the Lewis Cult

David Mills begins the somewhat condescending introduction to Pilgrim’s Guide, his collection of essays, this way: “Having now spent several months [only months?] in the Lewis literature, I must admit to sharing many readers’ weariness of the Lewis cult [what cult?], and to feeling slightly irritated when someone [who?] prefaces a statement on almost any question with ‘It’s like Lewis Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 78, Autumn 1998 From the Mailbag

I was shocked, to say the least, both at the scandal [set forth in Light in the Shadowlands] and the fact that nothing is being done about this by the publishers and media. Any number of evidences you adduce would, even if considered in isolation, be sufficient to make your case convincing; but when the evidence is considered as a Read More ›

C. S. Lewis and Dante’s Paradise

C. S. Lewis read Dante’s Inferno in Italian when he was in his teens, and he read Dante’s Purgatory in the hospital when he was recovering from wounds he received in the inferno of World War One. When he was twenty-three he mentioned in his diary that he disbelieved in immortality and that Dante’s “facts” were outdated. (At that time Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 78, Autumn 1998 News and Views

According to the 20 September Observer, “Lewis hits the stage in November with a Royal Shakespeare Company production at Stratford of a dramatisation of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by poet Adrian Mitchell.” Also, “Lewis’s seven Chronicles of Narnia have sold more than 1 million copies in Britain since his death in 1963, and have been translated into Read More ›