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The C. S. Lewis Encyclopedia

In a surprise move, before publication Zondervan dropped the price of its 640-page hardcover C. S. Lewis Readers’ Encyclopedia from $29.95 to $22.95. (As a result, the book can be purchased from Christian Book Distributors for only $16.95 plus $3.50 postage. Orders 1-978-977-5000.) Although the name of John West, Jr., was left off preliminary publicity, he was full co-editor and Read More ›

Ulster Centennial Booklet

The second edition of the colorful “C. S. Lewis Centenary Trail in Belfast and North Down” booklet was published by the C. S. Lewis Centenary Group in June 1998, and a copy accompanies this issue of Legacy. Among other things, it features the Royal Mail Narnia postage stamp, the Belfast statue of C. S. Lewis and a wardrobe, the blue Read More ›

Touring C. S. Lewis-Land

Touring C. S. Lewis’ Ireland and England, written by Perry Bramlett and Ronald Higdon, is a July release from Smyth & Helwys. This extraordinary book is not only an invaluable guide for real travelers, but also a magic carpet for stay-at-homes. It offers a wonderful new array of information for anyone interested in C. S. Lewis, and it is an Read More ›

The Brilliant Dark Tower

Fount Paperbacks has issued a “Special Centenary Edition” of The Dark Tower with a beautiful blue cover and shiny silver trim. Price 6.99 in England, $16 in Canada. The cover promises “the power and vision of this greatest of story tellers.” It quotes the Church Times: “The Dark Tower, I believe, is as good as anything he wrote.” Finally, it Read More ›

Out of the Silent Planet

According to the 17 November issue of the Hollywood Reporter, producer Henry Seggerman has optioned the right to C.S. Lewis’ Out of the Silent Planet. “The novel is about a man who is kidnapped and taken to another planet, where he is led to believe he will be killed. Instead, the creatures who inhabit the other world reveal extraordinary secrets Read More ›

Not an Accurate Lion

In the spring 1998 issue of The Canadian C. S. Lewis Journal, editor Roger Stronstad reviews Terry Glaspey’s 1996 book Not a Tame Lion: The Spiritual Legacy of C. S, Lewis. Stronstad reports that the first half of the book, an overview of Lewis’s life, is filled with errors. He gives some examples. 1. In 1907 the Lewis family moved Read More ›

How Far Does Lewis Lore Change Over Time?

In the spring 1998 issue of The Canadian C. S. Lewis Journal there is an article by Lionel Adey titled “How Far Did C. S. Lewis Change Over Time?” There he attributes the idea that Lewis and Janie Moore were lovers, “a conjecture I find simply incredible,” to A. N. Wilson, although it originated in The C. S. Lewis Hoax Read More ›

How Myths Get Started

“C. S. Lewis: Myth and Sensucht,” is one chapter in a forthcoming book about six major Christian mythmakers. Fortunately, a galley reader found seven minor errors in this chapter in time for them to be corrected. 1. When Lewis was 16 years old, he was supposedly a student in “an English boarding school.” But he was living in Surrey then Read More ›

Facts, Factoids, or Fictions

According to Perry Bramlett, Sam Wellman’s 1997 biography C. S. Lewis (Barbour Books) is part of a conservative evangelical “Heroes of the Faith” series that includes Luther, Wesley, Spurgeon, and Corrie ten Boom. He says Wellman writes with a flourish and is influenced by William Griffin’s older biography, C. S. Lewis: A Dramatic Life (Harper, 1986), from which he sometimes Read More ›

Finding the Landlord’s Error, Thanks to David Baumann

Finding the Landlord: “In 1935 [Pilgrim’s Regress] was accepted by Sheed and Ward, a Roman Catholic company that increased its sales. However, Lewis was extremely unhappy with two comments that this company placed on the flyleaf of the dust jacket: ‘…Mr. Lewis’s wit would probably seem to Bunyan sinful. Certainly his theology would,’ and ‘The hero, brought up in Puritania Read More ›