Electric power lines against a dawn sky
Electric power lines against a dawn sky
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Humanize Do Greens Want the World to Be Like the ‘Blackout State?’

Originally published at National Review

Electricity is essential to modernity. Prosperity depends on it. So does longevity and health. If you doubt that, ask those in impoverished nations who still don’t have access to reliable electrical power! Indeed, if we could create a continental power grid in Africa — regardless of the means — it would ameliorate so much human misery.

So, why are the world’s cities turning their lights off this weekend — as if electrification is a bad thing? To mark “Earth Hour,” of course. From the Yahoo News story:

Cities around the world were turning off their lights Saturday for Earth Hour, with this year’s event highlighting the link between the destruction of nature and increasing outbreaks of diseases like Covid-19.

Starting off the event, at 8:30 pm the skylines of Asian metropolises from Singapore to Hong Kong went dark, as did landmarks including Sydney Opera House.

The annual event calls for action on climate change and the environment, and this year, organisers said they want to highlight the link between the destruction of the natural world and the increasing incidence of diseases — such as Covid-19 — making the leap from animals to humans.

Good grief, what nonsense. Last year, California went through the wrenching experience of enforced blackouts, in part, because of the formerly Golden State’s stupid environmental policies. Do we really want more of that? Moreover, there is no proof that climate change had anything whatsoever to do with COVID.

But do note, dear reader, the repeated attempts by globalists to symbiotically connect COVID to global warming. That’s because the Davos Crowd wants to establish an international technocracy — sometimes called the “Great Reset” — all in the name of preventing future pandemics and combatting climate change. Indeed, Anthony Fauci has written that the U.N. and WHO should be  empowered to “rebuild the infrastructures of human existence” because we have entered a “pandemic era.”

The cost of such policies will be paid in lost personal liberty and desiccated prosperity. Hell no, we won’t go!

Wesley J. Smith

Chair and Senior Fellow, Center on Human Exceptionalism
Wesley J. Smith is Chair and Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute’s Center on Human Exceptionalism. Wesley is a contributor to National Review and is the author of 14 books, in recent years focusing on human dignity, liberty, and equality. Wesley has been recognized as one of America’s premier public intellectuals on bioethics by National Journal and has been honored by the Human Life Foundation as a “Great Defender of Life” for his work against suicide and euthanasia. Wesley’s most recent book is Culture of Death: The Age of “Do Harm” Medicine, a warning about the dangers to patients of the modern bioethics movement.
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