May 2006 Net Neutrality Letter

Dear Senator: We write to you with concern about the effects “network neutrality” proposals will have on the efficacy of the Internet. The Internet is invaluable to us and our constituencies. Any federal action that could halt or hinder our use of the Internet is most unwelcome.

Coalition Opposes Net Neutrality

Dear Chairman Barton: As members of the free-market community, we, the undersigned organizations, are encouraged that the latest draft of the telecommunications legislation takes positive, market-oriented steps to offer video service providers an alternative to the burdensome labyrinth of local franchise laws while avoiding regulatory pitfalls such as mandated access, rate regulation, and build-out requirements. However, concerns remain, particularly relating …

Appendix A. Amicus Brief filed by Discovery Institute in Tammy J. Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover Area School District and Dover Area School District Board of Directors

Plaintiffs have falsely asserted that the scientific theory of intelligent design postulates a “supernatural” creator. In fact, the scientists and philosophers of science who have developed the theory of intelligent design have consistently maintained that the scientific evidence and the methods of design detection that they employ cannot establish whether the intelligent cause(s) responsible for life are inside or outside of nature. Amicus appends the following excerpts from the writings of scientists who support the theory of intelligent design in order to demonstrate this fact. ... Read More ›

Nature’s Book Shelved

Does nature provide evidence of a cosmic maker? The answer of the religious skeptic is obvious: No. An essay in Scientific American communicates this view sarcastically, poking fun at a Georgia public-school textbook sticker warning students that evolution is just a theory. Confident that neo-Darwinism provides a thoroughly undirected and unimpeachable account of life from the first organism to the …

El Tejon Letter

Dear Mr. Wight: I am an attorney with the Discovery Institute, the leading organization supporting scientific research into intelligent design. Recently I became aware of the “Philosophy of design” course offered at Frazier Mountain High School. The title and nature of this course are problematic and appear to misrepresent the content of the course and intelligent design.

El Estatus Científico del Diseño Inteligente

Nota editorial: Este artículo apareció dentro de una colección de ensayos publicados en 2002 titulados Science and Evidence of Design in the Universe (Ignatius). “El Estatus de la Ciencia del Diseño Inteligente” aborda una serie de objeciones metodológicas o filosóficas que han sido presentadas en contra de la teoría del diseño inteligente, incluyendo la afirmación de que la teoría del diseño inteligente …

Findings of Fact and Conclusion of Law in Kitzmiller v. Dover

Plaintiffs request that the Court adopt the following Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law based on the evidence adduced at trial. Plaintiffs’ detailed findings of fact are summarized in the ultimate findings of fact on pages 141-48. Legal authority and argument supporting the Conclusions of Law are set forth in the accompanying Memorandum of Law. Read More ›

Transcript of Nightline Interview with Dr. Stephen Meyer of Discovery Institute

NOTE: Following is a rush transcript of the Nightline interview with Dr. Stephen Meyer of Discovery Institute on August 8, 2005. The interview took place in Discovery Institute’s office in Seattle, Washington. The transcript was prepared from an audio tape of the interview and has not been corrected by Dr. Meyer or the other participants.