Not Making the Grade

In 2000, Jonathan Wells published a review of biology textbooks in their treatment of the ― icons‖of evolution.i Wells applied criteria to 10 then-current biology textbooks in their coverage of common lines of evidence used to support evolution. This updated 2011 textbook review applies Wells‘ evaluation criteria of the icons to 22 recent biology textbooks, all published since 2005. The average publication year …

The Scientific Controversy Over the Cambrian Explosion

Darwin called his theory “descent with modification.” The phrase reflected Darwin’s belief that all organisms are modified descendants of a common ancestor that lived in the distant past. The only illustration in Darwin’s book The Origin of Species shows the “tree of life” pattern one would expect to find in the fossil record if his theory were true. The common ancestor Read More ›

Genetic analysis of coordinate flagellar and type III regulatory circuits in pathogenic bacteria

Abstract: The bacterial flagellum represents one of the best understood molecular machines. Comprised of 40 parts that self-assemble into a true rotary engine, the biochemistry and genetics of these systems has revealed an unanticipated complexity. An essential component to assembly is the subset of parts that function as a protein secretory pump to ensure and discriminate that the correct number …

Background End Time V2

Zombie Science Files

More than fifteen years ago, CSC biologist jonathan Wells leveled an attack against 10 outdated defenses of Darwinism in Icons of Evolution. His book made quite an impact, becoming a classic of the intelligent design movement and even forcing some textbook publishers to remove grossly inaccurate illustrations and examples from their textbooks. But the trouble with icons is that, like zombies, they Read More ›

Every School

IN FIGURE 1, WE OBSERVE THAT DURING THE LAST 47 YEARS, THERE has been an enormous increase in spending for the education of our children. However, during that period there has been no meaningful in- crease in the number of students in our schools. Spending has grown at ten times the rate of enrollment. Thus, we are now spending almost three times more per …

Signature in the Cell (Chapter One)

When James Watson and Francis Crick elucidated the structure of DNA in 1953, they solved one mystery, but created another. For almost a hundred years after the publication of On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin in 1859, the science of biology rested secure in the knowledge that it had explained one of humankind’s most enduring enigmas. From ancient times, observers …

Evidence for Design in Physics and Biology

Despite the long popularity of the design argument in the history of Western thought, most scientists and philosophers had come to reject the design argument by the beginning of the twentieth century. Developments in philosophy during the eighteenth century and developments in science during the nineteenth (such as Laplace’s nebular hypothesis and Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection) left …