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Robert Aguirre: Lessons from the Horizon Edgewood Tuition Voucher Program

Robert Aguirre has spent nearly fifty years in business, and devoted nearly forty of those years to being an education reform activist. He was an education reform adviser on both Reagan campaigns, both GHW Bush campaigns, and on numerous gubernatorial campaigns in multiple states. He has worked in over twenty states on reform/choice legislation, and is among the top ten people in the country in terms of designing choice legislation. From 1989 through 2009, he worked with Nobel Laureate Dr. Milton Friedman, Ted Fortsmann, John Walton, Dr. Jim Lieninger, Pete Peters, William Simon, Betsy DeVos, Steve Schuck, Patrick Rooney and many others in the crusade to reform public education. They had all come from many years of investing time and Read More ›

How to Get Good Teachers: An Interview with Dr. Robert Pianta

We are pleased to launch Discovery Institute’s American Center for Transforming Education (ACTE) blog and newsletter. Here you will find The Bottom Line, with monthly stories of transformation in our public education system, including steps necessary to build a system which delivers personalized learning and results for every student. These brave teachers and leaders from around the country are creating cultures of success within the public education system. The ACTE Game Plan for transformation of our education system is lead by Senior Fellow Donald Nielsen, author of Every School.  After a successful business career, culminating with being CEO of a NYSE company, Don has concentrated his time and effort in the field of Public Education.  In 1993, he was elected to the Read More ›