Is It Rational to Believe in Anything Other Than Science?

Featuring Dr. Micah Green, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University

Dr. Micah Green completed his Ph.D. at MIT and is currently a professor of Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M with research focus in nanomaterial characterization and biological interactions. Dr. Green has observed that it is commonplace in his work and in the culture at large to hold a view of “I don’t believe anything unless scientific reasoning backs it up.” This talk will explore this belief and how: (1) A commitment to naturalistic science means that we cannot consider evidence for the supernatural, even when it is clear, (2) This commitment to science as the only way to knowledge is inherently self-defeating, and (3) A commitment to science as the only way to knowledge makes all talk of values and purpose subjective and meaningless.

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This event is part of the Deeper Dive follow-up sessions, a series of events following the Greater Houston ORIGIN premiere, designed to continue discussing topics raised in the film. These events are hosted by the Houston Chapter of the Science & Culture Network. For questions, contact