Welcome to the Dallas Conference on Science and Faith, broadcasting on February 17, 2023.

Schedule (Times listed are Central Standard Time)

Conference Schedule


7:00 PMWelcome & Announcements
7:10 PM

Science and Faith: Why It Matters
Stephen Meyer
7:45 PM

Science, Faith, and the Importance of Apologetics
Frank Turek, Stephen Meyer, Nancy Pearcey, Titus Kennedy, Jonathan McLatchie
8:55 PMWrap-up


8:30 AMWelcome & Announcements
8:45 AM

Science and the Origin of Life
James Tour and Stephen Meyer
10:00 AMBreak
10:15 AM

Your Designed Body
Steve Laufmann and Howard Glicksman
11:30 AMLunch
12:45 PM

Breakout Sessions #1

Codes within Codes: New Levels of Information in Our Genome
Casey Luskin

Children at Risk: How Darwinism Fuels the Transgender Movement
Nancy Pearcey

How to Glorify God in Your Family with Your Use of Social Media and Other Technologies
Andrew McDiarmid
2:00 PM

Breakout Sessions #2

Science Doesn’t Say Anything: Scientists Do
Frank Turek

New Evidence of the Irreducible Complexity of the Bacterial Flagellum
Jonathan McLatchie

The Archaeology of Daniel and the Babylonians
Titus Kennedy
3:15 PM

What the Science of Archeology Reveals about the Historicity of Exodus
Titus Kennedy and Stephen Meyer
4:30 PMWrap-up & Adjournment

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