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Privacy Policy The Center for Science and Culture (CSC) supports scientific research, scholarship, and educational programs in the areas of intelligent design and the critique of neo-Darwinian theory. For a description of the benefits associated with donating at a particular level, see our membership categories page.

By using this form you will be donating specifically to the work of the CSC only. If you wish to make a contribution to the overall programs of Discovery, please go the donation page for Discovery Institute.

To make a donation by mail, send your check payable to Discovery Institute to: Center for Science and Culture, 208 Columbia Street, Seattle, WA 98104. To make a gift by phone call 1-800-685-0632 x126.


Donors at the $150 level and above can choose to receive a copy of I, Charles Darwin, a limited edition CD of an imaginative radio drama in which Charles Darwin Returns to Earth to explore the science of the twenty-first century (Fair Market Value $13).

Be sure to click where indicated below to receive the appropriate premium.

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