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How Did the Universe Begin?

Was the universe always here, or did it have a beginning? If so, how did it start? Mankind has debated these questions for centuries and has only recently begun to find some answers. And those answers may point to some even more intriguing conclusions. Read More ›

Aliens, the Multiverse, or God?

Even staunch Darwinists have acknowledged that life in the universe displays an appearance of design, rather than being created out of random chance. If that’s true, where did that design come from? In other words, does a design require a designer? Read More ›
Prager U - What Is Intelligent Design?

What Is Intelligent Design?

Chances are if you've heard anything about intelligent design, you’ve heard that it's faith-based, not science-based. Is that true? Or does modern science, in fact, point us in the direction of a designing intelligence? Read More ›

Stephen Meyer Takes On Darwin’s Tree

Everyone has seen the iconic tree of life depicted by Darwin. But in this bonus interview released as part of the Science Uprising series, best-selling author Stephen Meyer describes how the fossil record poses significant challenges to Darwin's tree of life. When one studies the various biological forms of the fossil record, one finds that these forms remain static with slight variations until the species either goes extinct or persists into the present day. According to Meyer, "we don't see the kind of morphing from one major morphological innovation into another that you would expect on the basis of Darwinian theory." Read More ›

Stephen Meyer On Science and Faith at PragerU

1. Are Religion and Science in Conflict? Atheist thinkers insist there can be no peace between a scientific understanding of reality, and religious one. History, however, shows that the rise of science drew deeply on Judeo-Christian presuppositions, without which we would be both spiritually and scientifically far poorer. 2. How Did the Universe Begin? Some scientists, including Albert Einstein, fought Read More ›

Richard Sternberg Interview on Fossils

The National Geographic View of the Fossil Record is Wrong

Evolutionary biologist Richard Sternberg challenges what he calls the “National Geographic” or “textbook” view of the fossil record as a support for modern Darwinian theory. In this bonus interview released as part of the Science Uprising series, Sternberg unpacks what the fossil record really shows, what we learn from population genetics about Darwinian theory, and how the Darwinian mechanism can’t Read More ›


Casey Luskin Defines Evolution and Explains How the Fossil Record Challenges Darwin

One of the largest difficulties with evolution is the word itself. Supporters of Darwinian theory love to switch the word around so the average person can never be sure what they are talking about. Sometimes evolution means change over time. Other times it can refer to small-scale changes in populations, or common ancestry, or the idea that an unguided mechanism Read More ›

Human brain digital illustration. Electrical activity, flashes and lightning on a blue background.
Human brain digital illustration. Electrical activity, flashes and lightning on a blue background.

The Evidence for Dualism in Neuroscience with Michael Egnor

Our friends at The Centre for Intelligent Design in the U.K are hosting another amazing webinar. Check out their message below and consider joining us for what should be an incredible discussion on the neuroscientific evidence for dualism. On Monday, December 13th, Michael Egnor, Professor of Neurosurgery and Paediatrics at Stony Brook University of New York will be speaking at our next Read More ›