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Sleepwalking with the Bomb

Sleepwalking with the Bomb

About the Book Sleepwalking with the Bomb shows how we can forestall nuclear catastrophe. It offers familiar faces, cases and places to illustrate how the civilized world can face the most pressing nuclear dangers. Drawing from both history and current events, John Wohlstetter assembles in one place an integrated, coherent and concise picture that explains how best to avoid the Read More ›

U.S. Powerless Against Nuclear Proliferation in Asia

Much has been made of nuclear proliferation dangers in the Mideast, where a nuclear-armed Iran would set off a regional nuclear arms race. But we should be so lucky as to have only one regional nuclear crisis to worry about. There are several others. Much has been made of the possibility of an India-Pakistan regional nuclear conflict. In her memoir, former National Security Read More ›

Palestinians at the U.N.: The Cost of Folly

President Obama spoke Wednesday at the United Nations, reiterating his talking points on the Mideast. In his Sept. 23, 2010, speech he had set a goal of an Arab-Israeli final accord and a Palestinian state admitted to full membership at the UN by this session. Instead, the Palestinians will push for a recommendation for full admission from the Security Council, Read More ›

Ten Years After 9/11, Americans are Safer but There is More to Do

WITH its vivid introduction, “Tuesday, September 11, 2001, dawned temperate and nearly cloudless in the eastern United States,” the “9/11 Commission Report” became an instant best-seller and a National Book Award finalist. Unchallenged in its objective history of the circumstances and failures leading up to the horrors of 9/11, except by inevitable conspiracy theorists, it set forth a wide-ranging series Read More ›

Sometimes it’s Better to Just See Things From Dog’s View

Walking is good exercise. Getting a half- hour walk every day is regularly recommended by health professionals, and I have been trying to follow that advice. Most of the time, I just go out for a walk in my neighborhood and follow one of two routines: one, ponder the events of the day and try to think through any current Read More ›

What Do Putin, Obama and Ben Affleck Have in Common?

What do Putin, Obama and Ben Affleck have in common? They are celebrities, and nothing more! Everybody knows them, but no one is too sure what exactly any of them is doing. Karl Rove’s article in The Wall Street Journal “Obama’s No Good, Very Bad Week” nails all the necessary points in regards to the American president. Obama talks, blames, and smiles Read More ›

Russia May Wake Up to a More Hostile Arab World

When anti-government demonstrations began in the Arab world, the United States became actively involved. The U.S. government cheered, making public statements supporting Arab nations’ rights to freedom. But given how much closer Russia is to the Arab world than the U.S. – geographically speaking, at least – it’s worth asking where Russia has been during the Middle East’s great upheaval. Read More ›

Gilder Article in The American Spectator: “The Arab Debt to Jewish Settlement”

The June issue of the American Spectator carries a “Special Report” by George Gilder on “The Arab Debt to Jewish Settlement” that pokes a very large and new hole in the foreign policy of the Obama Administration. I think that even those familiar with Israel and its history will be surprised at the historical information our Discovery Sr. Fellow (and institute co-founder) has assembled Read More ›

Obama Sells Out Israel — For Nothing in Return

Betrayal is not too strong a term. The president’s May 19 speech turned Israel upside down. It was a shocking sellout of our only reliable Mideast ally, and can only energize Palestinian maximalist sentiments. There are two money paragraphs of Obama’s May 19 speech. First, on final borders: The United States believes that negotiations should result in two states, with permanent Palestinian Read More ›