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In Search of European Democracy

Is the European Union a democracy? The Europeans and most others will argue yes, but there are many different degrees of democracy. Many Europeans increasingly feel powerless when it comes to their national government and particularly that of the EU, and for good reason. Despite the fact that many of the nations of Europe are much older than the U.S., Read More ›

Are We Conservatives a Bunch of Tax-Cut Nuts?

This article, published by National Review, mentions Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder: The most articulate and successful advocates of tax cuts in the last thirty years — George Gilder, Jack Kemp, Ronald Reagan, Wall Street Journal editorial page editors, and Steve Forbes among them — all argued for cuts to prompt higher economic growth. The rest of the article can be Read More ›

Congo: Fact and Fiction

Alain Akouala, communications minister for the Republic of Congo, in his June 11 article in the Commentary pages of The Washington Times, made an interesting stab at defending the indefensible. For those who have not followed the story, here is a quick summary. The Republic of Congo (not to be confused with the former Belgium Congo next door) is an Read More ›

Model Hypocrites

You can bet that almost anytime a politician attempts to raise your taxes or pushes for a big, new government spending program, the justification is at least partially based on the results of some mathematical model. Al Gore, and many others endorsing the global warming rage, tell us the climate models show government must do something about global warming before Read More ›

Tax Cuts as Government Curb

ROME, Italy. — Sitting in a pleasant cafe on a sunny spring day, my Italian friend arrives and says, “Richard we have had a wonderful month here in Italy because we have had no government.” He referred to the fact that between the defeat of the last government at the polls and formation of the new government, no new initiative Read More ›

Why We Overregulate

Assume you are a mid-level bureaucrat in a government regulatory agency, and you know your pay and title depend on how many regulations you are responsible for administering, and the number of people who work for you. Do you think you would push for more or fewer regulations? Assume you are a corporate regulatory compliance officer, and again you know Read More ›

Adviser Soapbox: Michael Milkenomics

GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass. – Perhaps people are just spooked by debt. Inspired by Warren Buffett’s memorable dismissal of spendthrift America as “Squanderville,” doomster pundits point portentously to the “twin towers” of debt: record trade deficits ($900 billion) and budget deficits (a projected $448 billion). The Squanderville chorus prophesies the same debt doom they predicted last year and the year before Read More ›

Taxing Questions

Do you think your taxes are too high or too low? Though I expect that well over 90 percent of you are thinking “too high,” many in the media and political class keep telling us taxes are too low. The left-leaning intelligentsia, in their arrogant smugness, claim we just don’t know what is good for us. Yet, they are the Read More ›

Biggest Foreign Aid Recepient

Which country receives the most in total foreign aid from all donors? The official numbers show Iraq at the top with $3 to $18 billion in aid (depending on how you define “aid”) and all the other recipient nations of the world at less than $3 billion per year. However, if you look at which nation benefits most from foreign Read More ›

US Tech Economy Continues Unheralded Boom

This article, published by E-Commerce Times, mentions Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder: Contrary to what many technology gurus of the 1990s, including George Gilder, had predicted, turning computers into a commodity has boosted the technology business — and sales of computers across the economy. The rest of the article can be found here.