God and Science Are Back in the News, and Deservedly So. (Part 1 of 3)

What does an enlightened citizen believe about God at the end of the 20th century? The topic is of growing interest as the millennium approaches and the Baby Boom generation ages. Print and broadcast media have discovered a growing appetite for news about religion in all its manifestations, and they have been feeding and encouraging that appetite. Some deep anxiety Read More ›

What’s So Scandalous About the Gingrich College Course?

The common assumption in news stories and commentaries about Newt Gingrich is that the Speaker misused tax exempt money to teach a partisan college course. But that assumption goes almost wholly uninspected. Few people know what actually was taught in the course,”Renewing American Civilization.” Media accounts have utterly failed to give details on it. That is entirely unnecessary, for the Read More ›

The new generations are the best news yet

The best news in the paper these days is in the Lifestyle section, where, among other revelations, we learn that “swing” is back. Of course, it’s not 1940 all over again, nor is the trend pervasive. College kids around Seattle and around the country are not proposing to outfit a museum called 50 Years On, let alone inhabit it. But Read More ›

They’re Attacking Dale Foreman to Defeat His Ideas

State House Majority Leader Dale Foreman is a logical candidate for governor. He’s smart, personable, and experienced. At 48, he’s still a fresh voice in politics, having been elected first only four years ago. He’s the easily-met, thoroughly decent kind of person you’d like to have as a neighbor. An attorney, orchardist and author, the well-rounded Wenatchee representative has the Read More ›

Why the Wild Dancing at the Tax Cut Follies?

There before the cameras in Washington, DC were Republicans and Democrats, their grins so big their fillings were showing as they cheered the tax cut deal. Oh, boy, we’re all going to get re-elected in ’98, those wild smiles said. The exuberance points either to the finest accomplishment of political compromise in our time, or to a grotesque absence of Read More ›

From Pig War to Fish War, Not Enough Progress

Something is fishy in the salmon dispute with Canada. Why would two friendly countries who do a billion dollars of business with each other each day wind up in a public relations confrontation like the blockading of the Alaska Ferry in Prince Rupert, BC? In political terms, who was supposed to be persuaded by British Columbia’s Premier Glen Clark calling Read More ›

Campaign Finance: Beware that the cure does not become the disease

The scandal game in Washington, DC is only going to get worse, and you may want a scorecard. That is because the latest collection of charges could turn out to do long-term damage to our system of representative democracy, leading to false reforms that will make matters worse, not better. Here is the dilemma: If serious law breaking at high Read More ›

Michael Behe’s Response to Boston Review Critics

The following is Michael Behe’s response to the essays published by Boston Review following Allen Orr’s review of Darwin’s Black Box. Allen Orr Professor Orr has a mistaken notion of irreducible complexity. I thought I made that clear in my reply, but from his response I suppose I did not, so let me try again. I define irreducible complexity in Read More ›

£5000 Monument to Lewis Features Wrong Poem

According to Michael Ward’s announcement in the 1996 issue of the Wade Center’s journal SEVEN, donations are being accepted for a handsome C. S. Lewis memorial to be erected along Addison’s Walk at Magdalen College in time for Lewis’s 1998 centennial. The President of Magdalen College approves. A distinguished stonemason named Alec Peever (who has original works in Westminster Abbey, Read More ›

The Very Last Poem Lewis Agreed to Publish

In the D. L. Scudders bookstore in Fresno, CA, Mr. Scudders offered Lewis buff David Baumann a copy of the July 1964 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. On pp. 74-75 the editors published a Lewis poem prefaced by the following significant tribute. C. S. Lewis wrote a wide and rich variety of books — the well-known Read More ›