Election 2000 crucial to whole new generation – whether they vote or not

Looking closely, you can see why the leaders of the two major parties are so anxious about this presidential election, even while the electorate is generally unexcited or ambivalent. While a Gore victory would mean more or less the same busy legislative and regulatory agenda as in the past, with Congress most likely reverting to familiar Democratic control, a Bush Read More ›

Statement of the Cranach Institute

The Cranach Institute wishes to express its dismay at the decision to remove William Dembski as Director of the Michael Polanyi Center (Metanews, 10/19/2000). Shortly before this announcement, we learned that the committee appointed to evaluate the status of the Center upheld the importance and legitimacy of Dr. Dembski’s work, while calling on the Center to be redefined in its Read More ›

Politics And The Military

So the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff took issue with a couple comments that George W. Bush made about Army readiness, and conservatives took issue with his taking issue. Then a group of retired senior officers publicly endorsed Mr. Bush, and it was the liberals’ turn to hissy fit. Then flowed all the ominous reminders — we’ve been Read More ›

“Space Defenders”

Nine years ago, as Americans watched live coverage of Tomahawk cruise missiles changing lanes in downtown Baghdad and government-supplied video of smart bombs ringing bunker doorbells before exploding, it became obvious that a Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) was underway. The obvious assessment of this RMA: Damn, we’re good. And so we are. Whatever else might be said of the Read More ›

Death of Lewis Nemesis, Oxford Scholar A. L. Rowse

A famous Oxford contemporary of C. S. Lewis, A. L. Rowse, died at age 93 on 3 October 1997 in Cornwall. Like Lewis, Rowse was a “politically incorrect” Oxford professor who said what he thought and acquired fame and popularity through his unusually lively writing. In spite of severe poverty and poor health, he eventually became a distinguished historian, an Read More ›

Awkward Stairway Appears, Disappears, Now Reappears?

An Oxford researcher has checked the Ordnance Survey maps of the Kilns neighborhood, and the Kilns had no outside staircase in 1921 or 1936. (O/S maps are made only in times of major rebuilding or rerouting.) A stairway was added to the east wall after 1936, and it appears on the 1957 O/S map. It led from C. S. Lewis’s Read More ›

Anonymous Musings about Funny Kilns Finances

“I suspect that Doug Gresham knows very little about the finances of The Kilns, even though he supports Stan Mattson’s C. S. Lewis Foundation (at least to the extent of making appearances on their behalf). In fact, I wonder if any of those who support the foundation know much about the finances of The Kilns, other than its Board of Read More ›

On-the-Scene Kilns Report: The Fall 1997 Exterior

“In 1997 eleven summer volunteers worked at the Kilns, but the outside staircase has not been replaced. A door on the north wall, near the east corner, has been bricked up. The fence on the west side has not been renewed, but the north fence has been partially propped up with scrap timber. The garden area on the south side Read More ›

“Jack’s Business” Gresham’s Latest Report

On 14 March Douglas Gresham (who lives in Ireland now) announced to the MERELEWIS E-mail group: “I have been away lately in London on Jack’s business, and one of the projects we discussed at a meeting with Harper Collins, was the possibility of putting out a Collector’s Limited Edition of the Chronicles of Narnia. This would be a numbered, single Read More ›

Lewis Estate Business and Media Mogul Murdoch

When asked recently if he and his brother were included in Lewis’s will, Douglas Gresham answered in C. S. Lewis News “Jack’s will was rather complicated and really nobody’s business but ours.” One of the readers of C. S. Lewis News is Rt Hon Chris Patten, former Governor of Hong Kong and a Lewis admirer. Patten was recently locked in Read More ›