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The Lewis Legacy-Issue 82, Autumn 1999

The Kilns Today Original Article

In the summer of 1999 a handsome sign was posted in Thornton’s secondhandbook shop on Broad Street, Oxford:


C.S. Lewis’ Former Home
The Kilns, Headington
Telephone Oxford: 741865 or 767689
E-Mail: [email protected]
Share this six bedroom fully furnished home with five others.
Monthly rent from 250-350
Tenancy Period: 1 August, 1999 – 30 June, 2000

Behind the words was a faint background image of the Kilns. This ad also
appeared in the local newspaper. With six tenants paying an average of 300
a month, the Kilns will produce about $2,855 a month in rent. The six
renters share only one bathroom and little parking; rents are very high in

Does Stanley Mattson’s C. S. Lewis Foundation support The Kilns, or does
The Kilns support his Foundation? Ever since 1993, Mattson has been
obtaining money from new donors in order to open some kind of study center
in the Kilns the next year. Six “next years” have slipped by, and in 1999
there is still no Kilns Study Centre in sight.