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The Lewis Legacy-Issue 81, Summer 1999

Rewriting History Original Article

According to Elaine Murray Stone’s article “Revisiting The Kilns” in TheLiving Church (15 November 1998), she heard Doug Gresham lecture at
Oxbridge ’98. “After his mother, Joy, died of cancer, Douglas, then only
10, was raised by Lewis until his death in 1963.” (But when she died he was

“Today Douglas is 50 years old, gray, balding, medium height, thin and
sporting a white mustache and a clipped beard. He dressed in jodhpurs and
boots with a turtleneck sweater, sometimes wearing the jacket of the Royal
Australian Reserves.” (Yes, this is Doug’s trademark outfit.)

“He has written several books about his tragic childhood, among them Lenten
Lands, recently reprinted. Around his neck hung a large silver cross and
chain. Because of his Jewish background, he wants to be sure others realize
he is a professing Christian.” (Lenten Lands is Doug’s only book except for
his co-authored Narnia cookbook for children, which is hardly about his
tragic childhood. And he did not have a Jewish background.)

This is Stone’s second article about Lewis in The Living Church; the first
(9 January 1994) was obviously based upon the film “Shadowlands.” Some of
its errors were corrected in the letters column, but now Stone and her
editors have repeated them.