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The Lewis Legacy-Issue 78, Autumn 1998

"Very Controversial Walter Hooper" "Firmly But Charitably Put in His Place" Original Article

First Things is a journal of conservative political opinion and commentaryedited (and largely written) by Richard John Neuhouse, a Roman Catholic.
The current issue (October 1998) contains Michael Aeschliman’s fine essay
“C. S. Lewis on Mere Science” and the following unsigned review of The C.
S. Lewis Reader’s Encyclopedia in the “Briefly Noted” section (pp. 77-78):

“A hundred years after his birth and thirty-five after his death, there is
no letup in enthusiasm for the life and work of Lewis. This volume, which
is a must for Lewis aficionados, provides a guide to his immense oeuvre and
to the societies, web sites, and controversies it continues to generate.
Insiders will note that the very controversial Walter Hooper, who has laid
dubious claim to much of the Lewis legacy, is firmly but charitably put in
his place. On your way to your Lewis recovery group, don’t leave home
without this book.”