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The Lewis Legacy-Issue 78, Autumn 1998 The C.S. Lewis Foundation for Truth in Publishing

Who Is This Man?

  1. Born in 1898, of completely British, partly Welsh, descent.
  2. Acquired the nickname Jack early in life and always used it.
  3. Had black hair and brown eyes and a medium complexion.
  4. His grandfather was a Protestant minister in a famous city, but he did not inherit his grandfather’s faith.
  5. Could never break his teenage addiction to smoking.
  6. Served abroad in the military as a teenager in World War One, and also suffered the rigors of World War Two in his forties.
  7. His best friend for life was his older brother.
  8. Like his brother, he considered alcoholic beverages one of the basics of comfortable living.
  9. Rather cynical about politics and politicians.
  10. Greatly preferred scenic beauty to city life.
  11. Always enjoyed reading in libraries.
  12. Became severely disabled in his final months and then died of a heart attack.
  13. Played a role in the life of Kathryn Stillwell Lindskoog.

ANSWER: Both C. S. Lewis and John Welby Stillwell, Kathryn’s father.

Who Is This Author??

  1. The author of The Dark Tower.
  2. The best-selling author in the world.

ANSWER: Stephen King. He, too, used the Dark Tower title.