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The Lewis Legacy-Issue 77, Summer 1998

Out of the Silent Planet Original Article

According to the 17 November issue of the Hollywood Reporter, producer Henry Seggerman has optioned the right to C.S. Lewis’ Out of the Silent Planet. “The novel is about a man who is kidnapped and taken to another planet, where he is led to believe he will be killed. Instead, the creatures who inhabit the other world reveal extraordinary secrets about the nature of man and the universe to him.” Screenwriter Randall Frakes (“The Force”) plans to adapt the book with the help of Lewis’ stepson Douglas Gresham, and Gresham will be co-producer.
According to Seggerman, “Recently, there has been a resurgence of
thought-provoking science fiction films and I think this is because we are all looking for something more. Out of the Silent Planet is a wide-audience science fiction, adventure, with suspense, action and bloodshed.” Seggerman, who spent two years negotiating with Lewis’ estate for the rights, also has the exclusive right to acquire Perelandra within 24 months of the start of principal photography on Out of the Silent Planet. If Perelandra is purchased, the same agreement holds true for That Hideous Strength.