Showing Your Flag

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Our cover date of June 14 is also the date of one of America’s generally forgotten holidays, Flag Day. John Wohlstetter’s The Long War Ahead and the Short War Upon Us (Discovery Institute, 2008) is a solid example of a patriotic book that concisely and realistically explains what the United States needs to do to win a long war against radical Islam and to make less likely a terrorist strike during the next few years.

Wohlstetter is a Discovery Institute senior fellow and telecommunications expert who writes an issues blog, “Letter from the Capitol.” He has long been concerned with the way that technologies make American living easier but also more vulnerable to those who hate it.

WORLD: You begin your book dramatically with an Iranian missile exploding over Kansas: The missile creates an electromagnetic pulse that fries 70 percent of the U.S. electric grid, and the American economy as well. Are you using a scare tactic, showing a likely reality, or camping somewhere in between?

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