George Gilder on C-SPAN2 BookTV

After Words: Gilder Interviews John Naisbitt, author of "Mind Set!"

In the following C-SPAN2 BookTV presentation, Discovery Institute Senior Fellow, George Gilder, interviews author John Naisbitt. The program is approximately one hour long. BookTV program page here, watch the program streaming on the C-SPAN2 site (Real Player required).

Description: John Naisbitt’s first book, “Megatrends,” predicted future developments in the economy, business, government, technology, and social systems. The book sold nine million copies. In his new book, “Mind Set!,” Mr. Naisbitt explains the mind sets that help him make sense of the world and anticipate trends. Mr. Naisbitt is interviewed by fellow forecaster George Gilder, Editor in Chief of Gilder Technology Report.

Author Bio: John Naisbitt is the author of several books, including “Megatrends” and two books he co-authored with Patricia Aburdene — “Megatrends 2000” and “Reinventing the Corporation.” Mr. Naisbitt was Assistant Secretary of Education to President John F. Kennedy and Special Assistant to President Lyndon Johnson. He is a former executive with IBM and Eastman Kodak.

George Gilder is Editor in Chief of Gilder Technology Report and a Senior Fellow at Discovery Institute, where he directs the program on high technology and public policy. His books include “Wealth and Poverty,” “Microcosm,” and “The Silicon Eye.” He was a speechwriter for Nelson Rockefeller, George Romney, and Richard Nixon.

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