Discovery Institute Honors Decade of Science with Anniversary Dinner Featuring Dr. Michael Behe

Seattle – Discovery Institute proudly announces the tenth anniversary of its Center for Science and Culture with a special dinner honoring the success of the Center and its more than 40 scientists and scholars.

On October 21st, the Institute will host a ten year anniversary dinner to honor the achievements of the Center for Science & Culture. After ten years of supporting scientific research in the exciting area of intelligent design, the Center for Science and Culture has much to celebrate.

This year also marks the 10th anniversary of the seminal book, Darwin’s Black Box, which helped to launch modern intelligent design theory. Fittingly, author and CSC Senior Fellow Michael Behe will speak at the dinner, sharing his perspective on the future of intelligent design research. Michael Behe is a biologist who has taught at the university level for 23 years and was the lead defense witness in the Dover School District intelligent design trial in 2005.

Intelligent design proponent and national radio host Michael Medved will also speak at the event which will be held in the Washington Athletic Club’s Crystal Ballroom in downtown Seattle.

The dinner is open to the public, and the cost to attend is $100 per person. Anyone interested in attending can register online at the Discovery Institute website at For more information, contact event coordinator Annelise Davis at (206) 292-0401 x153.

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