Background Information on Cobb County School District v. Selman

Cobb County School District v. Selman
Cobb County, Georgia

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NEW: Cobb County Trial Ruling Thrown Out by Appellate Court

Background Information

In Selman v. Cobb County School District, the ACLU is suing the school board of Cobb County, Georgia, for inserting a written disclaimer about evolution inside all biology textbooks. The ACLU claims that the Cobb County sticker-disclaimer violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment by endorsing religion. While Discovery does not advocate written disclaimers as the best way to teach the controversy over Neo-Darwinism, it strongly opposes the ACLU’s attempt to restrict the ability of local school boards to teach biological origins in an accurate and objective manner. The lawsuit went to trial in November, 2004. A federal district court judge ruled against the school district in January 2005. The 11th circuit court of appeals will be hearing the school district’s appeal in the case on December 15, 2005.


Cobb County Policy on Objective Origins Science

Text of Cobb County Disclaimer

Cobb County Teacher Guidelines: Implementing the Board Policy on Origins Science

Bibliography of Supplementary Resources For Science Instruction

Backgrounder and Analysis of Selman Sticker Case Regarding Evolution Disclaimer in Biology Textbooks

Should we Teach Scientific Criticisms of Neo-Darwinism? Many Authorities say YES!

Over 500 Scientists Convinced by New Scientific Evidence That Darwinian Evolution is Deficient

Articles Advocating Teaching the Controversy

News & Opinion

NEW: Discovery Institute Urges Federal Appeals Court to Overturn Evolution Textbook Sticker Decision

Sticker Shock: In Georgia evolution case, court misses real issue of religious tolerance

Federal Judge Rules that “Fostering Critical Thinking” About Evolution has Secular Purpose, but Invalidates Cobb Co. Sticker Anyway

Incompetent Defense by Cobb County Attorney May Have Caused School District Loss

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Can Cobb Co. Attorney Overcome Trial Mistakes in Time to Save School District?

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Cobb County (Georgia) School Board Promotes Academic Freedom, Not Religion

Cobb County Clarifies: An Open Letter To The NCSE

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Incorporate Controversy into the Curriculum

Darwinists Eager to Avoid Debate

Georgia Schools Should Teach More About Evolution Not Less

Standard Evolutionary Theory Has Shortcomings

Legal Briefs

Brief of Amici Curiae Biologists And Other Scientists In support of Appellants: Teaching Students about the Scientific Controversy over Neo-Darwinism is a part of Good Science Education

Brief of the States of Alabama and Texas as Amici Curiae in Support of Appellants

Brief of Amicus Curiae Alliance Defense Fund in Support of Appellants

Appellants’ Reply Brief

Amicus Brief Of Parents for Truth in Education: The School Board Has the Constitutional Authority to Adopt A Textbook Disclaimer

Amicus Curiae Brief Of Biologists And Georgia Scientists, In support of Defendants: There is a legitimate scientific controversy over Neo-Darwinism which students deserve to learn about

Poll Results

Public Opinion Surveys on Teaching the Controversy Over Darwinism

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