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Obama & Shade of Government Shutdown

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The Republicans in Congress deserve an apology from the media, among others.

It was only a month ago, but you would think it was the paleolithic age; the media and the politicracy have forgotten that the infamous government shutdown was fought over the issue of Obamacare. The Republicans wanted to stop it, or at least delay it. The White House and Congressional Democratic were totally, indignantly recalcitrant. The White House and the Democrats won. The Republicans were made to look unreasonable. Their poll rankings sank.

Now President Obama himself is acknowledging the failure of the Obamacare rollout and, quite apart from the federal website screw-ups, is having to face up to the cancellations of millions of individual policies. Actually the problems are just beginning.

Yet one looks in vain for recognition that the Republicans have been proven right on the shutdown.

Imagine how President Obama–thought by many to be some political Svengali–might have prospered by agreeing back in October to let the shutdown end and, in return, agreeing to postpone the onset of the individual mandate. He would have been a rueful hero, they the nefarious villains.

Instead Obamacare proceeded. The train wreck occurred.

Now, it’s all his mess–and his (and the Democrats’) responsibility.