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Bush’s New Book Quotes Yours Truly

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Wow. I am surprised–and very flattered. SHSer Lauren tells me that President Bush’s new book Decision Points quotes me. The Corner also takes note, because the quote is from something I wrote on NRO. Here’s what Bush wrote:

Those on the other side of the debate argued that government support for the destruction of human life would cross a moral line. “Embryonic stem cell research takes us onto a path that would transform our perception of human life into a malleable, marketable natural resource–akin to a cattle herd or copper mine–to be exploited for the benefit of the born and breathing,” bioethics expert Wesley J. Smith wrote in National Review.

I looked up the article from which Bush took the quote. It is from June 27, 2001–during the debate over what Bush should do. I also defended his policy–both against those who thought it did not go far enough and those who thought it went too far–after he made his decision on August 9, 2001.

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since that article was written. As I read the article for the first time in nine years–frankly, I had forgotten about this one–it is amazing how little the debate has changed.

In any event, it is very nice to have had my views noticed at such a high level–whether by the former president or his ghost writer.