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Cobb County Teacher Guidelines:

Implementing the Board Policy on Origins Science

Teacher Guidelines For Implementing Board Policy On Origins Science

Approved By The Cobb County Board Of Education
January 8, 2003


1. Theories of origin shall be taught as defined within the Quality Core Curriculum (QCC). Teachers should seek to help students demonstrate proficiency in understanding those aspects of the theory of origins defined in the QCC and the impact of scientific theories on the disciplines studied.

2. Teachers are expected to set limits on discussion of theories of origin in order to respectfully focus discussion on scientific subject matter; at the same time, it is recognized that scientific instruction may create conflict or questions for some students with regard to belief systems. Discussion should be moderated to promote a sense of scientific inquiry and understanding of scientific methods and to distinguish between scientific and philosophical or religious issues. It may be appropriate to acknowledge that science itself has limits and is not intended to everything and that scientific theories of origin and religious belief are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

3. Under no circumstances should teachers use instruction in an effort to coerce students to adopt a particular religious belief or set of beliefs. Instruction should be respectful of personal religious beliefs and encourage such respect among students. Teachers should not interject their personal faith based beliefs, or lack thereof, into such instruction and should maintain a posture of neutrality toward religion.

4. It is recognized that instruction regarding theories of origin is difficult because it is socially controversial and potentially divisive. The administration expects, and will support, every teacher’s effort to provide objective and professional instruction.