United Media

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 86, Autumn 2000 The C.S. Lewis Foundation for Truth in Publishing

In a news release from New York on 13 June 2000, United Media announced its licensing partnership with the recently formed C. S. Lewis Company. The partnership includes a worldwide licensing and merchandising program for a new series of books to be based on the world of Narnia and scheduled for release in the fall of 2002 from HarperCollins Children’s Books. “The licensing program will feature products in the plush, toys, gift, stationery, interactive and apparel categories focusing on mid and upper tier retailers. This is the first time that any licensed merchandise will be produced for this classic fantasy series. ‘We are very pleased to have entered into this licensing partnership with United Media,’ stated Simon Adley, C. S. Lewis Company. ‘United Media has always been recognized as a leader in brand-building and also for its reputation in establishing these same brands as long term entertainment properties driven by content and quality.’ The licensing program surrounding these editions will primarily target the young adult and adult gift purchaser in upper tier retailers. Since its debut in 1950, the series has sold over 60 million copies worldwide and upwards of 3 million copies each year with 20% annual sales growth each of the last two years.”

United Media, an E. W. Scripps Company, also licenses and/or syndicates a variety of cartoon properties including Peanuts, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Miffy, Dilbert, Rainbow Fish, Nancy and Sluggo, Get Fuzzy and Fido Dido.