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What is The Real Russia Project?

The Real Russia Project began in April 2005. The project has received support and praise from academic and business leaders across North America and Europe, all who stress the need for a U.S.-based program offering verifiable, objective and accessible information about the state of affairs in Russia. 

Project Activities to Date

Project Director Yuri Mamchur created Russia Blog shortly after founding the Real Russia Project. The blog presents up-to-date news, facts and commentary on current events in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union. Its readers include business and political leaders, academics, and students conducting research on U.S.-Russia foreign policy, business, and culture. To date, Russia Blog has published over 1,500 original posts. More importantly, the blog’s articles have been picked up by respected Western news outlets, including FoxNews, Bloomberg, CNN, Voice of America, Washington Post, The American Spectator, Philadelphia Enquirer, The Seattle Times, The Week and others. Likewise, Russian news agencies, such as RIA Novosti, RTR-Rossiya, Russia Today TV, Moskovksy Komsomolets, Radio Echo Moskvi, The Moscow Times and others have covered the findings of the project. This extensive coverage has resulted in a dramatic growth in traffic to the blog, which now attracts nearly 5,000,000 individual visitors each year.

Aside from reporting and analysis on Russia Blog, the Real Russia Project produces more traditional analytic policy reports. In the fall of 2006, the Real Russia Project produced and distributed a unique report entitled “Ten Western Media Stereotypes About Russia: How Truthful Are They?” The report received extensive commentary and coverage from major Russian, American and European media outlets. A number of broadcast news agencies in Russia invited Mr. Mamchur and Bruce Chapman to participate in broadcast interviews. Since then, The Real Russia Project has been publishing special reports modeled after the “10 Stereotypes.”  The publications have received broad coverage in online and traditional media outlets and have been referenced by multiple investment and consulting companies both in U.S. and Russia.

Seminars and policy discussions have also become a staple of the program. In 2007, Ambassador John Miller (U.S. Department of State), program advisors Herb Ellison (author and respected University of Washington professor) and Bill Robinson (attorney and business advisor) served as panelists along with Yuri Mamchur in Washington, D.C., discussing the “Ten Stereotypes.” In 2008, the Real Russia Project assumed management of the annual World Russia Forum; the recent gatherings--hosted each spring at the U.S. Senate, the Russian Embassy to the U.S., and the George Washington University--have featured His Excellency Sergei Kislyak (Russian Ambassador to the U.S.), Honorable William Burns (U.S. Under Secretary of State and former U.S. Ambassador to Russia), Sergei Markov (Deputy of the Russian State Duma), Assistant Undersecretary of State Daniel Russell, select congressmen and senators, and other high profile speakers and guests.

Smaller scale engagements have included speeches and sessions with Rotary clubs, U.S. congressional staff, business leaders, and high-school and college students. Real Russia Project principals have met with supporters and skeptics alike, including representatives of the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Congress, the White House, individual state officials, think tanks and the Russian government.


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