Skip Gilliland, Board of Directors - Discovery Institute
Skip Gilliland, Founder and President of The Skip & Susan Gilliland
Foundation, joined the Discovery Institute board in 2008. He is the
co-founder of Geodax Technology, Inc., a nuclear medicine technology
company based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Mr. Gilliland served as
the company's Chief Technical Officer from its founding in 1985 until
2004. In 2001, the company was named by the Triad Business Journal (a
local business and trade publication) as one of the fastest growing
companies in the region. Prior to founding Geodax, Mr. Gilliland
worked for the Carolina Power & Light Company in its nuclear power generation division.

In addition to his duties with the Gilliland Foundation, Skip currently
serves on the board of Westchester Country Day School (a private
college prep academy) in Davidson County, North Carolina, where he
coaches baseball and works as a substitute teacher in math, physics and

Mr. Gilliland received his B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from North
Carolina State University in 1978. He is an avid flier and aircraft
owner, and is certified as a commercial/airline transport pilot. He
resides in High Point, North Carolina with Susan, his wife of 25
years, and their five children ages 11 to 23.