Kevin Cyron, Program Contributor - Real Russia Project
Kevin Cyron was born in 1978 and raised in Burke Virginia in the United States. He went to Gonzaga College High School where he had his first Russian History course. In 2003, Mr. Cyron graduated from Marymount University with a degree in Communications. From 1999-2003, while attending school, Mr. Cyron worked on Capitol Hill for Steny Hoyer from Maryland in his Congressional Office and also on his Committee Staff for the House Administration Committee. Later, Mr. Cyron worked for the OSCE in Washington, D.C. before working for the European Parliament in Brussels. In Brussels Mr. Cyron worked for the Foreign Affairs Committee for the European Liberal Democratic Reform Party (ELDR) under Graham Watson (MP). After returning to Washington, Mr. Cyron decided to pursue international opportunities by getting a Masters Degree in Russia. He traveled to St. Petersburg in 2005 and graduated from St. Petersburg State University with a Masters Degree in Sociology in June 2008. During his time in Russia, Mr. Cyron has worked for the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.