John Niles, Fellow - Cascadia
Adjunct Fellow - Technology and Democracy
Phone: 206-781-4475
Articles by John Niles

John S. Niles is a senior fellow at Discovery Institute and owner and president of Global Telematics, a policy research and management-consulting firm based in Seattle. He works with innovators from business and government on regional telecommunications strategy, public transportation revitalization, and economic development planning.

His work in transportation focuses on developing, explaining, and implementing readily available analytical techniques that seek the highest productivity investments, including those that exploit foreseeable technology-based service innovation such as Bus Rapid Transit. He has conducted research and development on instant carpooling, the effect of new urban light rail stations on transit market share, travel value pricing, and measurement of local-delivery trucking impacts on congestion. Since the late 1980s he has informally staffed Seattle-area political leaders who seek cost-effective mass transit investments.

As a management consultant, Mr. Niles has been on the development and start-up teams of eight successful business or community service enterprises. He has provided advice and counsel to business and government leaders in North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. He is a leading interpreter of how advanced telecommunications changes the way people live, work and move around. Mr. Niles has written 25 published articles and several books, including co-authorship of The New Management: Line Executive and Staff Professional in Future Firm (McGraw Hill, 1976). His views have been quoted in many publications, including The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times, and The Washington Post. He has also appeared on the PBS show "Nightly Business Report" and on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition," and spoken at forums such as the Annual Pacific Telecommunications Conference and the National League of Cities Annual Congress.

Mr. Niles is a member of the Telecommunications and Travel Behavior Committee of the Transportation Research Board and Research Associate at the Norman Y. Mineta International Institute for Surface Transportation Policy Studies. He is also co-editor of the Web-based Public Interest Transportation Forum.

He began his independent consulting career as a member of the start-up team of Control Data Corporation's Local Government Information Network (LOGIN), 1979-1984, based originally on the CYBERNET and TECHNOTEC mainframe computer technology of CDC, and lately migrated to the World Wide Web. Earlier in Mr. Niles' career, he served as a project manager in the first District of Columbia home rule government of Mayor Walter Washington (1974-78), and before that as a U.S. Naval Officer in Patrol Squadron 26 (VP-26), 1971-74.

Mr. Niles earned his bachelors degree in mathematics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1968), and a master of science in industrial administration at Carnegie Mellon University (1970). He grew up in Detroit, Michigan and attended Cass Technical High School, graduating in 1964.