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The environmental program of Discovery Institute reviews the effects of state and federal regulation on the environment and the economy. Of particular interest are questions surrounding the endangered species listing of salmon, and at what point populations can be considered sustainable.

Religion, Liberty and Public Life
Discovery's ecumenical program on religion and civic life examines the proper role of religion in a free society. Activities include lectures, conferences, and books exploring such topics as faith-based welfare, the history of religion in politics, the importance of religious liberty, and the need for finding common ground in politics.

C.S. Lewis and Public Life
This program celebrates the works of British author C.S. Lewis and explores their applicability to life in the twenty-first century. The program includes an extensive website about C.S. Lewis, an online archive of the journal The Lewis Legacy, and regular lectures and conferences held on the campus of Seattle Pacific University as part of the annual C.S. Lewis Institute.

Discovery's education program produces articles and occasional studies of school choice, the growth in home schooling and how we can better educate students at all levels. The program holds periodic public events annually to explore these subjects.

The program includes Discovery Senior Fellow Patricia Lines

The Real Russia Project