“Anti-Science”: Unpacking a Vague & Distorted Label


On this episode of ID The Future, host David Boze discusses the ambiguous label “anti-science”. What does it mean? What are the implications? Who’s using it?

The term is being bandied about, not just in science journals and newspapers, but in the political arena as well, as typified by the recent comments of Utah governor Jon Huntsman: “The minute that the Republican party becomes the anti-science party, we have a huge problem. We lose a whole lot of people that would otherwise allow us to win the election in 2012. When we take a position that isn’t willing to embrace evolution, I think we find ourselves on the wrong side of science and therefore in a losing position.”

Tune in to unpack this curious term and learn how it is shaping current debates.

David Boze has his own shown on Seattle’s 770 KTTH. He began his radio career in Seattle after serving as a research analyst for a public policy think tank. David has guest hosted on the nationally syndicated Michael Medved Show.

(Not) Making the Grade: Recent Textbooks & Their Treatment of Evolution


In this edition of ID The Future, Casey Luskin discusses a newly updated report on 22 recent textbooks and their treatment of evolution and intelligent design. In 2000, Jonathan Wells published a review of textbooks in his popular book Icons of Evolution. He discovered that many textbooks presented inaccurate or incomplete information about evolution and either omitted or undermined alternative viewpoints. Wells’ criteria is used again 11 years later. Tune in to find out what has changed.

Read the report highlights or download the full report.

Visit the Icons of Evolution book website.

Icons of Evolution is also available as a documentary film.

Metamorphosis Video Exclusive: Transformation is Still a Mystery


In this episode of ID The Future, Dr. Ann Gauger, senior research scientist at the Biologic Institute, recognizes that metamorphosis is still an unknown phenomenon for scientists: “We know just the bare outlines of a few of the processes involved for metamorphosis – it’s a mystery.”
Watch this video clip, not available anywhere else, for more!

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