Life and Learning Conference 2013
University Faculty for Life
May 28, 2013    
The Death of Humanity: Are you a Cosmic Accident?
Reasonable Faith - Central Valley California Chapter
May 23, 2013    (watch this event online)
Gorton Lecture with the Honorable George Scott
Representative Hans Zeiger interviews former State Senator George Scott
Can Darwin-Doubting Scientists Experience Academic Freedom?
The Christian Scientific Society
May 15, 2013    
Stephen C. Meyer on Darwin's Doubt
Discovery @ Northwest U Lecture Series
Jay Richards and Jim Wallis Debate
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Discovery Fellows Headlining NRB's Know Truth Conference
William Dembski and Ray Bohlin, April 13 in Nashville
Why Science Needs Religion: Science's Untold Conflict with Atheism
An Evening with Renowned Thinker Alvin Plantinga
Pensmore Dialogue on Science and Faith
Featuring John Lennox, Vern Poythress, and Paul Nelson
How Did it All Begin?
Covenant Fellowship Church, Greater Philadelphia
Looking Along the Beam: Philosophical and Theological Themes in the Inklings
Houston Baptist University Philosophy Conference
The Privileged Planet
Movie Showing and Discussion with author Jay Richards
The Trials and Tribulations of a Plagiarized Author and Photographer
The International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI)
Why is Capitalism on the Defensive?
A Gorton Lecture Series Event with Scott S. Powell
Einstein vs. Darwin: Only One Can Be Right
Darwin Day Event with Renowned Tulane University Physicist Frank Tipler
Is Faith in God Reasonable? William Lane Craig vs Alex Rosenberg
Campus Ministries - Purdue University
C.S. Lewis & Intelligent Design
Movie Premiere and Discussion with Director John West
Darwin's Doubt
Southern Adventist University
Darwin's Doubt
Southern Adventist University
Darwin's Doubt
Southern Adventist University
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