Darwin's Doubt
Southern Adventist University
Darwin's Doubt
Southern Adventist University
Darwin's Doubt
Southern Adventist University
George Gilder on the Lou Dobbs Show
John West on David Boze Show Today
Nuclear (In)Stability
The U.S. Capitol Visitors Center, Room HVC-200 at 12:30 PM
Come Hear Ambassador Jon Huntsman!
The World War II and Religion Conference
Florida State University
11th Annual Apologetics Conference
Evangelical Philosophical Society Conference on November 15-17
The Magician's Twin Screening - Atlanta, GA
Event at the Perimeter Church sponsored by The Areopagus
November 15, 2012    (watch this event online)
Gorton Lecture Series with William Ruckelshaus
Intelligent Design Versus Darwinism
The Copernicus Lectures - Science and Faith - Toronto, Ontario
Lunch & Discussion with R.R. Reno, Editor of First Things Magazine
After Liberalism: Formulating a New Governing Consensus
Christians and Culture: Proposing a Better Way
Seattle Centurions at Northwest University
Jay Richards at the American Dream Conference
Event sponsored by Cedarville University
Conference on Bioethical Issues
Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Why We're Not Chimps
Reasonable Faith Chapter - University of Texas at Dallas
IV International Symposium on Darwinism Today
Mackenzie Presbyterian University - Brazil
Richards & Dembski at 19th Annual National Apologetics Conference
Sponsored by Southwest Evangelical Seminary - Charlotte, NC
Silenced: How apostasy and Blasphemy Codes Are Choking Freedom Worldwide
Paul Marshall, Seattle Pacific University, Demaray Hall 150
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