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Creativity in the Cosmos: An Evening with Dennis Prager, George Gilder, Stephen Meyer and Michael Medved
Sponsored by Hashtag Productions and Discovery Institute - Bothell, WA

Alfred Russel Wallace, Nature's Prophet: From Natural Selection to Natural Theology
Alfred Russel Wallace Conference - Malaysia

Scott Powell at Boca Raton Economics Club

Science and its proper boundaries: The Legacy of C.S. Lewis
Cambridge Festival of Ideas - Cambridge, ENGLAND

What Is Your Worldview And Why Does It Matter?
Looking at scientific evidence that supports a faith based worldview

Live In-Studio Broadcast of the Michael Medved Show
Science & Culture Update, hosted by Discovery Institute

The National Conference on Christian Apologetics
Southern Evangelical Seminary

Scientific Evidence for Intelligent Design
Lecture by Casey Luskin, Cal State Northridge

The Scientific Evidence For Intelligent Design
Lecture by Casey Luskin, UC Irvine

Flight: The Genius of Birds
SoCal Premiere by Illustra Media

Gilder at Town Hall
George Gilder reception and interview at Seattle's Town Hall

George Gilder at Bush Library
Conversation and Coffee

Stephen Meyer at Socrates in the City
With Eric Metaxas - New York, NY

Jay Richards on "Infiltrated” - The Financial Crisis and Its Legislative Aftermath
The King’s College - New York, NY

Flight - The Genius of Birds
Solid Reasons

August 12, 2013    (watch this event online)
Infiltrated Release Party
Book party with Jay Richards

Darwin's Doubt - Book Party with Stephen C. Meyer
Plestcheeff Auditorium, Seattle Art Museum

The Wednesday Morning Club welcomes George Gilder
Discussing his newly released book, Knowledge and Power

Washington Policy Center Book Launch Event
Donald Devine's America’s Way Back: Reclaiming Freedom, Tradition, and Constitution

Flight: The Genius of Birds
Seattle Premiere

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