Sleepwalking With the Bomb Book Re-Launch
Genesis & Genetics
Faith & Science Conference - Evangel University and Pensmore Foundation
June 4, 2014    
Discovery Institute Co-Presents 2014 Education Breakfast
May 13, 2014    
Discovery Institute Co-Presents 12th Annual Health Care Conference
May 9, 2014    
ID or Evolutionary Creation: A Forum on Origins
Panel Discussion at University Presbyterian Church
For the least of these: A biblical answer to poverty
Sponsored by American Enterprise Institute & the Institute for Faith, Works, and Economics
Evolution vs. Intelligent Design Debate
Paul Nelson vs. Michael Shermer
Science and Design
Covenant Fellowship Church, Greater Philadelphia
The Pensmore Dialogue on Science & Faith
Return of the God Hypothesis
The Minimum Wage Debate
Is an increase in the minimum wage an opportunity creator or a job killer?
The War on Humans
A Film Screening in Santa Monica, CA
Reasons 2014: Conversations on Science & Faith
CSC Fellows Dembski, Meyer, and West at Faith Bible Church
A Meaningful World: How the Arts and Sciences Reveal the Genius of Nature
Michigan Tech University
The Hobbit Party: The Vision of Freedom that Tolkien Got and the West Forgot
Michigan Tech University
War on Humans Documentary
Premiere at Northwest University
Are Hedge Funds Evil or Misunderstood?
A Luncheon Featuring Timothy Spangler, Author of "One Step Ahead"
Science, Faith and Apologetics
Mere Anglicanism 2014
Darwin's Doubt
Southern Adventist University
Michael Medved Live Broadcast from Discovery Institute
Science & Culture Update
December 6, 2013    (watch this event online)
George Gilder on Uncommon Knowledge
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