Newly Discovered Notes Reveal C.S. Lewis’s Early Doubts about Darwin
Discovery Institute

Are Science and Religion Incompatible in the 21st Century?
St. Louis Conference Seeks to Bridge the Divide
Discovery Institute

The Wonders of Wealth, the Path Out of Poverty

Two Good Men
A pair of names to remember when thinking about Congress.
The Weekly Standard

Ohio Hospital Shooting: Mercy Killing or Murder?
Associated Press

Cosmos or Chaos?
Dead Reckoning

Wesley J. Smith to Host the Dennis Miller Show
First Things

Mitt Romney's Moment
The Berkshire Eagle

Netherlands Euthanasia Stats Are Appalling
The Province

Walking to America
The American Spectator

New Book Finds Scientific Evidence for Darwinian Tale of Human Origins Severely Lacking
Discovery Institute

Tulsa Beacon Represents Traditional Oklahoma Values
Tulsa Beacon

Evolution, Human Dignity, and Crafting Public Policy
Crisis Magazine

Philosophy professor asks: 'If peas can talk, should we eat them?'
Spokane Conservative Examiner

Wesley J. Smith Fills a Much Needed Role
What's Wrong With the World

Tennessee Enacts Academic Freedom Law Protecting Teachers Who Present Both Sides of Evolution Debate
Discovery Institute

Fallout Continues From Infanticide Article

Tennessee Legislature Passes Landmark Academic Freedom on Evolution Bill
Discovery Institute

Stephen Meyer at the University Club: Why Are We Still Debating Darwin?
American Spectator

Background on David Coppedge and the Lawsuit Against NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Discovery Institute

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