How to Avoid Death Panels
First Things

Defenders Of The Evolutionary ‘Consensus’ Could Benefit From More Fact Checking

From Pro-Choice to Pro-Abortion
First Things

Dying of Thirst is Excruciating Agony
National Review Online

Civilization versus barbarism
Obama has failed to promote a moral imperative against ISIS
The Washington Times

The Power of Authenticity
First Things

Answering Massimo Pigliucci's Critique of Icons of Evolution
Evolution News & Views

The Ethics of Food and Drink
Weekly Standard

Paul Schell: Mayor, Innovator, Friend
Discovery News

Will Doctors be Forced to Kill?
First Things

Our Amazing Array of Food
A local food connoisseur revels in the plates, places and pepperoncinis of new Seattle's bountiful fare.

Oh, the things you can eat!

Pushing Suicide for Suffering
First Things

Death Be Not Proud

Gilder's Popular Mini-Lecture
Discovery News

Ideas for Renewing American Prosperity
If you could propose one change in American policy, society or culture to revive prosperity and self-confidence, what would it be and why?
Wall Street Journal

Do You Pass the Israel Test?
Prager University

Chaos in Middle East requires action on energy independence
Richmond Times-Dispatch

A Tale of Different Funerals
First Things

Guest column: Proposals to move toward energy independence
The Florida Times-Union

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