Discovery Institute fellow: EPA war on coal is unconstitutional
The Oklahoman

What the Brat nomination means for November: Guest commentary
Los Angeles Daily News

'Ivory Tower' — A Documentary Babel
A further call for government to infantilize college youth.
American Spectator

Did 'Social Business' Sink the Cardboard Bike?
The Federalist

Obama's War On The Economy Continues With EPA Coal Rules
Investor's Business Daily

Anti-Humanism Infects Environmental Movement
Legatus Magazine

Starvation as the New "Death With Dignity"
First Things

The Paper of the Apes
Weekly Standard

Another Icon of Evolution: The Darwinian Myth of Human "Tails"
Evolution News & Views

Why does Obama block U.S. energy independence?
San Francisco Chronicle

Please, Leave the Hagia Sophia Alone
First Things

Why does Obama oppose Keystone pipeline?
The Detroit News

If We Do Nothing, They Will Clone
Center for Bioethics and Culture

Obama Blocks Keystone To Start Energy Takeover
Investor's Business Daily

Powell, Tiefenthaler: Energy independence is within reach for U.S.
The Houston Chronicle

What Happened to Switzerland?
First Things

Discovery Institute fellow: Keystone delay sends wrong message
The Oklahoman

NYT "Chimp Attack" on Human Exceptionalism
National Review Online

Powell: America must start thinking beyond energy independence
The Detroit News

The Joy of Orthodox Pascha
First Things

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