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The Grim Good of Animal Research
First Things

Scott Powell: Debt ceiling theater of the absurd
San Jose Mercury News

Debt ceiling theater of the absurd: Column
Government continues to kick financial worries down the road.
USA Today

Obama's Goat
American Spectator

The Federal Shutdown as Sideshow to the Debt Problem
A simple reversion to average interest rates for debt would more than triple U.S. debt service costs to $750 billion annually.
Wall Street Journal

A new chapter for urbanism?

The Biological Colonialism of the Rich
First Things

Another View: Government's actions propel financial crises
Des Moines Register

Now is the Time to Stop Three-Parent IVF
Center for Bioethics and Culture

Has Science Shown That We Evolved from Ape-like Creatures?
Salvo magazine

I’d rather be in Fort Wayne to Read the Daily Newspaper Than in Detroit
News Sentinel

The Behind The Scenes Cronyism That Helped Plant The Seeds Of The Financial Crisis

The Case That Destroyed Marriage
First Things

RICHARDS: Five years of financial denial
The Washington Times

Too Much Government, Not Too Little, Caused Great Recession
Investor's Business Daily

Understanding capitalism and fading college affordability
Detroit News

While There's A Lot That's Unfair, How Can You Be Grumpy Living In the U.S.?
News Sentinel

Bureaucracy Lives!
Weekly Standard

Darwinian Dictates
WORLD Magazine

A Contemporary Review of the Trial of Jesus
First Things

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