Preventing (Some) Suicides
First Things

ObamaCare Disaster May Deliver Mortal Blow To Liberalism
Investor's Business Daily

Relationships and the War on Poverty
Philanthropy Daily

From Chaos to Order: Healthcare Reform in the Digital Age
Canada Free Press

My Predictions in Bioethics Right Again!
Center for Bioethics and Culture

The Holy Water Flowers
First Things

Mark Zuckerberg, Philanthropist
Philanthropy Daily

We Hear Fed's 'Mission Accomplished' but It's Not Over
No monetary policy can be reckoned a success until we have accounted for all of its costs.
Wall Street Journal

Roe v. Wade’s Toxic Fruit
National Right to Life News

Reflections on the Jahi McMath Tragedy
First Things

The Suicide Juggernaut
Weekly Standard

The Personhood Pincer
First Things

Habeas Chimpanzee
Weekly Standard

Christian Persecution Worldwide
A historic rise just in time for Christmas
The American Spectator

Have Mercy on Clarence Aaron
First Things

The Fed’s Scandalous Monetary Policy
Rock-bottom interest rates are the great enabler of Washington overspending
The Washington Times

Doctors Disappear
The Unaffordable Care Act comes through.
The American Spectator

The Political Has Become Too Personal
First Things

Roosevelt-Roosevelt 2014
Here comes Ken Burns.
The American Spectator

Entrepreneurs can save their communities
Philanthropy Daily

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