Blown Away
American Spectator

Intelligent Design Film to Premiere at Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History Sept. 29
Intelligent Design Author Will Also Speak at OU
Discovery Institute

Film Examines the Cambrian Explosion, Biology’s Big Bang, 530 Million Years in the Past
Darwin’s Dilemma will be released on DVD Sept. 15
Discovery Institute

New Video Shows DNA Evidence for Intelligent Design
Animation Gives Unique Look Inside the Cell
Discovery Institute

Samurai Bioethics
John G. West on a Noble Defense Doomed by Darwinian Materialism

Did Founding Father Thomas Jefferson Support Intelligent Design?
The Boston Globe

New Book Reveals DNA Evidence for Intelligent Design
Discovery Institute

Moving the Goalpost
Discovery Institute

What 'Ida' give for a missing link
Washington D.C. Examiner and San Francisco Examiner

New Website on Faith and Evolution Explores if the Two are Friends or Foes
Discovery Institute

Why Darwinism Is False
Discovery Institute

As Texas Goes, So Goes the Nation on Textbooks
The Washington Examiner

Judaism in the Year of Darwin

Using Religion to Suppress Debate on Evolution
Washington Post: On Faith

Texas Improves on Strengths and Weaknesses Language in Science Standards on Teaching Evolution
Texas Now Leads Nation in Requiring Critical Analysis of Evolution
Discovery Institute

An Analysis of the Expert Testimony of Prof. Ronald Wetherington before the Texas State Board of Education on January 21, 2009
Discovery Institute

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin

Happy Darwin Day?
The Washington Times

Darwin's Birth Day

Professors Show Need for Academic Freedom Bill
The Oklahoma Daily

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