Federal Marijuana Policy Undermines Rule of Law
First Things

Why Religious and Economic Freedom Stand and Fall Together
The Stream

Brave New World Should Be An Election Issue
First Things

Religious and Pro-Life Conscience Unwelcome in Healthcare
First Things

Goodbye, EU-imposed regulation.
National Review

Political Correctness puts Americans in Grave Danger
American Thinker

Pondering Harambe
Weekly Standard

Interview: Dissecting the Age of "Do Harm" Medicine

The EU Threatens America and Britain’s Alliance. Brexit Could Save It.
The Stream

The European Union: An Un-Democratic Leviathan That Britain Might Just Escape
The Stream

Brexit and the Future of U.S.–U.K. Military Cooperation
National Review Online

Orlando Massacre Can Be A Turning Point In The War On Terror
Investor's Business Daily

James Comey and the reset button on honest government
Richmond Times-Dispatch

My Turn: James Comey and the reset button on honesty in government
Arizona Republic

Comey & the reset button on honesty in government
Pittsburgh Tribune Review

James Comey: Enforcing the Law Requires Indicting Hillary Clinton
American Thinker

Euphemisms for Killing
First Things

Why millennials are warming to socialism
The Washington Times

A Subjective Definition of "Death" Would Unleash Great Evil
First Things

Time to Wean Millennials Off the Lies of Socialism
The Stream

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